Saturday, March 20, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

That's right folks: winners. I gained enough new followers to add the yarn to the giveaway pot! Now let me tell you, I flew all night leaving California at 11:30pm and arriving in Cleveland at 7am and have no idea what time it is or what's going on. But because of you, dear readers, I am making sure to post the winners. So without further adieu... I've tallied all the entries (which involved a spreadsheet much too early in the day), checked all blog posts and entered the entries into the Random Number Generator...

The winner of the two braids of Merino Silver hand dyed wool roving is:

The winner of the two skeins of Happy Feet yarn in the springy purple color is:

Congratulations on your winnings! I will be contacting you soon for shipping information. Please note that if I do not receive a response from you within two weeks I will choose another winner. 

I really appreciate all the support for the giveaway that I received from everyone over the past week and have even more exciting news. Yes, more! There will be another giveaway. The date is not certain, but I can pretty much assure you it will be within the next week or two. I have asked Alana of Never Not Knitting to allow me to interview her for the blog and she has kindly accepted. Additionally, she has provided a signed copy of her new Cosette Wrap pattern for one lucky winner! I'm very excited about the interview and being able to share it with you. So definitely stay tuned and spread the word of the upcoming giveaway.

So thanks again, stay tuned, and good luck!


  1. Yea! I'm a winner AND the first to comment! Love the Happy Feet yarn that I will be receiving! Considering I haven't won anything for twenty years and probably won't for another 20 this will tide me over quite nicely.

    Thank you, thank you!!
    Mrs. G.

  2. I'm dreaming, right? Don't pinch me, I don't wanna wake up! Thank You so very much, the fiber is so beautiful. Congratulations to Mrs. G. - the yarn is lovely too.

  3. Hey Kitten, email me with your info! I tried to contact you through the email address on your blogger profile. Not sure if it worked though :)

  4. Ohhh, another giveaway, I'm excited!!!
    Oh, and I agree with you 100%, blankets are the best baby gift for a nursery :)


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