Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slow Going

I had fully intended to have some knitting to show you this week. However, Adam and I spent a long weekend on the coast of North Carolina visiting friends and enjoying the beach.

I suppose I could have taken my knitting to the beach with me but with the humidity as high as it was every day, the sand was sticking to everything. I took my book to the beach and even that came home full of sand.

I did a little work on my Spring Garden Tee during the long ride back to Ohio. And I do mean little. Waking up at 3am for a 10 and a half hour drive isn't quite as conducive to knitting as you would imagine. 

This is how it looked when I got home on Monday. It pretty much still looks the same. On Sunday night I had encountered a knot in my yarn. This was the second knot in the fourth skein. I kept knitting and didn't think too much of it since it was hidden on the wrong side. Today however, I was knitting and suddenly came upon a giant hole in my fabric. The knot had come apart and undone my knitting about an inch and a half up. I had to frog back, fix the hole and knit on. So like I said, I'm pretty much in the same place as I had been. 

In the last post, K. asked where I got my tiramisu recipe from. It is from a cookbook called Williams Sonoma Italian Favorites. The recipe calls for pound cake instead of lady fingers so I make my own pound cake for this. Also, to keep the pound cake from being too soggy, I use a pastry brush to dampen the cake with the coffee/sugar mixture instead of soaking it. This also helps it to keep better in the fridge. This is my all time favorite desert and I love to make it!  


  1. You are forever going to be known as Andrea the tiramisu queen.

  2. Whenever I encounter a knot in a skein I cut the yarn where the knot is, so that I don't end up with a surprise hole later on. The shirt is knitting up nicely though!

  3. As much as love to knit, my family would be appalled if I pulled out my knitting at the beach! Each daughter will occasionally ask, "Did you knit while you were at ______? (the ballpark, the concert, the football game?) and give me "that look". So I DO knit going to and coming home from these places, but really, I feel that each one of these things, including knitting, are their own event and I don't want to take away from either!

    Ahhhh, the beach! Lucky you!

    Sorry about the tough lesson you learned about the knot!

  4. Ah. The William Sonoma cookbooks have some terrific recipes ~ I've got one of their chicken recipe books and the dishes always come out great.

    I was at the beach this past week too - not knitting - LOL

  5. what a beautiful beach... must say i'd have been swimming rather than knitting ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing the recipe source!


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