Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring Garden Tee Progress

This week I really cracked down on the Spring Garden Tee. I pretty much worked on this project only for the last four days. What do I have to show? Half a tee! Since I'm helping to moderate the KAL on the Never Not Knitting group, I wanted to try to stay a step ahead of everyone in case help was needed. I also knew I had a bunch of swatching and other smaller projects that I would need to focus on towards the end of the month so I wanted to get as far as I possibly could. 

The knitting looks a bit wonky right now but I have faith that after a good blocking, this will grow up into the beautiful tee with lace trim that it is intended to be. 


  1. The color is lovely! It looks good so far.

  2. Looks gorgeous! Love that color!

  3. It's very pretty!

    I want to knit the adult version for myself, but my queue is already too long...

  4. Love the color, love the pattern. Can't wait to see the FO!


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