Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silky Merino and Me*

I'd like to share with you how my love for yarn really began. Last summer, after I had recently discovered my first yarn store, my parents came to visit. I told my mother about the lace scarf I had crocheted and how the yarn was so soft and gorgeous, how it could change my love for the craft, how it could change humanity.  All the things you say when you meet your first real yarn. On this particular day we were out doing what we do best: shopping.  We happened upon a cute little town square/shopping center that we had been to before and decided to stop in to a certain LYS in this area. This yarn store sold a bunch of fancy-shmancy** yarns, although I didn't really know it at the time since all I had ever used was acrylic. After using acrylic, anything can seem fancy and expensive. At this LYS we saw two crocheted scarf samples. Both were very lacy and done is a beautiful yarn. They were made out of Malabrigo Silky Merino. I really didn't want to spend $20 on yarn plus the extra $6 to get the pattern.  It just seemed like an awful lot to spend on yarn. Try me now, and I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. But that's another story. 

My mother and I ooohed and ahhhed over all the gorgeous colors of the Silky Merino and she finally said, "Well, if I buy it, will you make it for me?" My mother knew that I just wanted the chance to use that yarn. Since this was only the beginning of my yarn frenzy, I jumped at the chance.
The pattern for this is called Silky Merino Crocheted Lace Scarves (it comes as a set of two different crocheted lace scarf patterns) by Kathy Disantis and Dianne Rodabaugh of Ewe and I Originals.

This scarf (Ravelry project link) worked up quickly. I believe it only took about two days. Both scarf patterns use two skeins of Silky Merino but, at least for this one, you will not use up the whole two skeins. You'll have enough yarn left to make yourself this:

A fun little cell phone cover! I loved this yarn so much, I couldn't bear to let it go to waste. I spent a couple hours working up this fun little case that could fit either my cell phone or my camera. I used this case endlessly until the unthinkable happened. Hazel got it.

She ripped the darling ruffle right off the top. I think she just hates ruffles. 

So the cell phone case is no more. But the scarf lives on, in California with my mother. I only wish I had another for myself.  I always ask her if she actually wears it. She, of course, says yes.  But let me tell you, if I find out she's not using it I'm stealing it the next time I visit. 

Please note that I am doing my Paw if Forward giveaway on Hazel's blog. If you have a furry friend in your life, check it out!
*I would like to point out and apologize for some of the photos you will see in the pictures of my older projects. As you can tell, I was still working on getting this whole "take pictures of your yarn" business squared away.
**As you're writing your blog, do you ever find yourself wondering if words like fancy-shmancy are hyphenated or not?


  1. Cute post. And yes, isn't it an eye opener when we discover the lovely, soft, lush, yarns out there when all we had to work with at first was acrylic?! I never considered myself a yarn snob but I don't know anymore. I might be one. Maybe.

  2. I am 100% positive your mom wears her scarf...I know I would! the color is gorgeous and the yarn is super soft - plus it's made by you!

  3. To celebrate your one year of knitting, you should get yourself some Silky Merino, because I bet your mom wouldn't want to give up such a treasured gift.

    I've got a kitty who likes playing with my knits, so I feel your pain!

  4. What a perfect first luxury yarn! I can see how that started the addiction.

    And yes, I always wonder about my spelling - even the words like fancy-schmancy. I have been known to pull out the dictionary more than once :)

  5. so pretty! Crochet is still pretty much a mystery to me.

    and yes, I do wonder about proper grammar for potentially-fake words. Although I'm pretty sure fancy-schmancy is hyphenated. As an English teacher, I feel qualified to make that call.


  6. It's ok, Hazel. Mingus hates ruffles, too.

  7. LOL! I so understand the yarn addiction... I only knew acrylic until last year, too... now, it is like crack cocaine! LOL!

  8. I keep a copy of English Grammar For Dummies next to my computer, so when I have questions about hyphenation, who/whom, which/that etc., I can easily look them up. I am hoping if I do it often enough I might remember them one day!


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