Monday, July 12, 2010

Visions and Revisions

Remember the top secret project I mentioned a while ago? Well, some revisions have been decided upon (which are a good thing!) that are causing me to rework the project within the week (not such a good thing).  
I want to get this finished and sent away as soon as possible since I'm going to be doing some more sample knitting (also a good thing) and want to be able to dedicate all my yarn mojo to the one project. 

The baby blanket I was working on is complete, but that full project is in submission. So, for now, I can only share some small snippets of the project with you. Let me just express that I think it came out great and can't wait to send it off to Baby S's mom who only received two blankets from two baby showers!  

Pre-assembly. Here you can get an idea of the color combination. 

Oh, the wonderful picot. Used to make a fun trim.

I do realize that with all this secret work going on I may not have too much to blog about for the next few weeks.  Uh oh. Wish me luck!


  1. wishing you luck! can't wait to see those secret projects!! (and you could blog about something besides knitting and crocheting, right? :-)

  2. The yarn up top looks gorgeous!

    I really love a good picot edge. Your blanket is going to look great.

  3. Is the yarn on top the better colors for the secret project? If so, NICE. I love the blanket color combo as well!

  4. Loving that top yarn. Can't wait to see your finished secret project!

  5. Those colors are wonderful together and the stitch is beautiful!


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