Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taking a Breather

I finally finished my sample knitting for Weaverknits last night. It was lengthy but the end result was awesome. I can't wait until she publishes her design so I can share it with you. 

Since I've spent the last two weeks working on it during practically every free and waking moment, I'm kind of at a loss for what to do now. I have another sample knitting project that is ready to be started but I'm waiting on a set of needles I ordered to arrive before I can start. 

I did do a little swatching for it last week during my lengthy trip to the doctor's office, to the pharmacy, waiting at the pharmacy, and back to the doctor's office. So as soon as those needles are here, I'm off.

I've frogged the Baby Sophisticate jacket that I started some time ago. It was almost done but I'm pretty worried about it not fitting. I read a lot of the project notes on Ravelry and many complained of problems with sizing. I really like the pattern so I decided to swatch (what a good idea) and then reknit it. Luckily that baby isn't due until October so I still have some time. 

At the beginning of September, my Stich 'n Bitch group is having our annual birthday swap. We celebrate everyone's birthday with some good old fashioned swapping. I would really like to knit something for my swapee, even though this isn't a requirement. I've researched some patterns and I'm having a hard time decided between fingerless gloves or a scarf/shawlette. Any ideas?

I think I will use tonight as a brainstorming evening. I've been knitting like the wind and think I deserve a little break. 


  1. I completely feel you with the sample knitting thing. I do sample knitting for Plymouth Yarns and between projects I'm always thinking I should do something for myself, but then I get stuck as to what!

  2. That Baby Sophisticate jacket is pretty cute. I hope you can make it work. I'm thinking of trying it myself, but it's hard to know what size to make.

  3. I love making fingerless gloves/mitts for gifts. They're quick and easy. I vote for some mitts and if time allows you can work on a scarf.

  4. What a lovely idea, a birthday swap! I must try and sneak the idea into my knitting group :)

  5. I'm making mitts and a hat for my buddy!

  6. :) I always love a good scarf, especially since winter in right around the corner. I just finished the Twisted Knitter's Lace Leaf Scarf and it was pure fun. Whatever you decide, can't wait to see!


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