Saturday, September 25, 2010

Albers Shawl

Thank you to everyone who left me kind words about my mangled sock. I've decided not only to keep Hazel but to take some time before fixing it. Kind of like a cool down period. I'm pretty dismayed that I can't wear them this coming week (which is supposed to prove cooler than the 90 degree heat we've had here to celebrate the first days of fall) but once things settle down in my knitting world, I'll tackle them. 

With the release of the eBook version of Craft Work Knit I can now share with you the sample knitting I did for Ann Weaver of Weaverknits.

Remember this?

Well, ta-dah!

The Albers Shawl is knit using four balls of Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb in various colors (I believe Glacier, Hills & Dales, Morels, and Mint) on a size 8 circular needle. The knitting on the piece was pretty simple. It is garter sititch with the edges picked up and knit on to add the different colors. The final edge is bound using the sewn bind-off, giving it great elasticity and flexibility. You are, in essence, knitting one big square around three smaller squares.

 I had originally knit the blue portion and had sent it off to Ann early in the summer.  I believe it was a couple weeks later when she contacted me asking if I would be interested in knitting the last two portions of the shawl. Basically, despite being all garter stitch and basic construction, this isn't something you'll be able to knit over the weekend. With all of the work she had been putting into her eBook, and not to mention her other recent designs, she was a bit overextended. The yarn and shawl were at my house within a week and I was off (again). I knit the last two color portions in a two week knitting frenzy.

I think it turned out beautiful.

The shawl is probably around 54" square but will stretch to amazing lengths (and widths). Despite its size, it is lightweight and yet warm at the same time. A wonderfully unique and modern shawl.

Pattern: Albers Shawl by Ann Weaver
Yarn: Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb, 4 skeins
Needles: #8 cirucular 


  1. *doubletake* and gasp! You knit that whole huge thing? it is absolutely beautiful (and styled so beautifully, too), but I cannot imagine all that garter stitch, around and around and around......maybe the model is tiny, but it looks like it's the size of a queen-size sheet, which means a hella lot of stitches. i get so impatient with a sweater. :)

  2. i literally let out an audible "whoa" when i scrolled down the page and saw those photos. the shawl is amazing and i WANT IT so much!!
    (i have some yarny goodness of a completely different kind on my blog today if you have time to stop by.)

  3. Wow - that is stunning!


  4. Absolutely stunning!!!! Beautiful piece of knitting ~ and I love the modern design elements. Must try that lacey lamb!!!!

    I'm glad Hazel is no longer in the dog house - LOL


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