Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've been doing some thinking about the sweater I will be knitting for Adam for Christmas. He really is no help when it comes to picking colors or yarn. Are you shocked? 

The pattern he chose (by flipping quickly through my new book, Knits Men Want) is the Baseball Jersey pattern:

His exact words may have been, "I'd wear something like this." I took that to mean he's had a burning desire for me to knit it (whatever helps me knit, you know?).

The pattern calls for Berroco Pure Merino. I've done some internet research and have chosen these two colors:

However, I've also read some review saying that this yarn stretches like the dickens and doesn't hold it's shape and blah blah blah. Now I'm wondering if I should use it. I also read that it is unbelievably soft. I would love to make a super soft sweater for Adam but if it is going to stretch a ton then I don't want to send him off to work in a sweater that looks like his crazy wife made it.

My second choice for yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, which I've never used before, in these colors:

I've read that it pills a lot and that it is kind of scratchy. I'm not too worried about the scratchiness factor, as Adam has other store-bought sweaters that are scratchy and he still wears them.  But how well will this yarn hold up? I'd love to make a man's sweater for only $30 (while the Berroco will be more than double that) but if it is going to look shoddy, then I'd rather spend the extra money. 

 I really don't want to spend a ton of cash, but I'd like him to be able to use it for longer than just this winter. I'm not really concerned about superwash or not since the sweater is remaining in my house and I can wash it.  So I'm basically asking for opinions from anyone who has used either of these yarns. If you haven't, then do you have another yarn that you might suggest using to knit a man's sweater?


  1. No idea, but what about cascade, if he doesn't mind itchiness? I've only knit with knitpicks wool of the andes once, so that's really no help...but the colors you picked out are nice, man-friendly colors. My Adam is also no help when it comes to colors (while christmas shopping for him, I called to ask him if he would ever wear turquoise. His reply: "whatever you think, honey."

  2. Oh Andrea - I wish I could help! I think the Berocco looks beautiful but I haven't used it.....and, now you say it, it does look very soft and stretchy...I'm currently using Jamieson's double knitting Shetland yarn for a man's jumper, which is not so scratchy and was quite affordable.

  3. Wish I could help but I'm a total Cascade 220 nut! I can force that yarn into any pattern! I love the durability, colors and texture!

    I do love your color choice, and the pattern is great - something any man would love to slip into!

  4. That's a great sweater choice. I hear your concerns and wish I had a suggestion for you. I'm not hard on my knits so what works for me may not work well on your fella. If I needed to pick a hard wearing yarn for a sweater I would do some research on Ravelry. I would look up designs for cardigans and look at popular yarns used, etc. and see how those yarns are rated by the users.... Good luck!!!

  5. I'm sort of in the same situation at the moment trying to decide on yarn for a sweater for my dad. it's so hard! all the choices : S
    Reading reviews on ravelry and looking at the yarn that the pattern you are knitting is in and finding the closest possible replacement might help
    best of luck!

  6. I wish I could help! Unfortunately I've got no advice to offer, but I just wanted to let you know that your yarn colour choices look lovely.

    I've never attempted knitting a sweater for the Mr - my skills have so far only extended to scarves! ;)

  7. I've used Wool of the Andes on several projects, although never on a full sweater (but I just started one for myself). Personally, I don't find it to be too scratchy. The heather colors are really beautiful, and yeah, you can't beat the price. One thing I would say about your color selection, it looks like you have Arctic Heather and Mist, both of which I've used. I really like the Mist color, but it is definitely more blue than gray, so it depends on what you're going for. You might try one of the gray heathers instead of Mist, if you want something more gray.

    If your honey is sensitive to wool, or if he'll be wearing this without an undershirt, you may want to use a softer wool, but the accessories I've made (hats, scarves, mitts) don't bother me. That's personal preference, of course.

    Hope that helps!
    /end novel response


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