Thursday, January 20, 2011

Confetti Scarf (or Super Cozy)

In the midst of my sweater turmoil and some sample knitting, I was able to manage to whip up this super cozy scarf. 

It was swapped away last night at my knitting group's annual anniversary party. This will be my second anniversary with the group and unfortunately I had an evening class that went until 9pm so I totally missed it. Boo. Either way, the scarf swap is a ton of fun (I made this one last year, remember?) with much chatting, eating, knitting, and swapping. 

This scarf was made out of one skein of Araucania Aysen, a merino/alpaca/silk blend. It is just a basic bias knit but it makes for a super cozy scarf and right now in Northeast Ohio, all I can think is "super cozy". It was swapped away to Stacey, a great knitting friend that I don't see often enough. I hope it keeps her warm! 

Yarn: Araucania Aysen (1 skein)
Needles: #9
Began: January 8
Completed: January 14


  1. We really missed you! I ended up with Amy's scarf (<3) and Martha got mine. Thanks for trusting me to choose one for you, now I just need to get it to you.

  2. Very pretty scarf! It would be hard to part with it.

  3. I tlooks like Fruit Loops! I love it.

  4. That is an amazing scarf and will totally keep her warm ~ she was very lucky to have you as her swap partner!

    I see the sweater is "finished" but you don't feel the love, at least not yet. But I see the cosmic powers made it right and you won a sweater for him ~ how perfect is that!

  5. Love the colors! I so agree that it looks like Fruit Loops!

  6. Beautiful Scarf! I love the colors. Sometimes a project like that is just perfect after an epic battle like you've had with the sweater.

  7. wow, what a beautiful scarf! i love the colors. it's like spring meets winter!
    i am always astounded at people who just "whip up" a scarf-- it always takes me YEARS to actually finish one. i never stick with it.

  8. Love all the pretty, muted colors in the scarf! What scarf did you get in exchange?

  9. wonderful!
    i love the punch of color, perfect for this whitest/greyest of seasons.

  10. Really pretty! I love Araucania's colorways, don't you?


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