Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Match + 1Up

 For this post, we're supposed to reflect on how we've grown as knitters/crocheters over the past year. I did a series of posts this year on where I came from and how much I'd achieved in a year so I'm not really going to bore you with the details of that (you can go back and read them if you'd like). In the past year, I've learned to knit sweaters, I've done cables, I've made socks, have become a sample knitter and even published my own crochet design. I'm hoping that the following year will prove as eventful. I do feel as though I've grown as a knitter. I want to keep challenging myself with new things and try to keep from getting stagnant.

Since we're all into reflecting in this post, I thought I'd share with you a new piece I recently knit for Hannah Fettig. Now that Hannah has previewed the photos of her new cardigan, the Spring Ribbed Cardigan (which should be available for sale by the end of the week), I can finally share with you my finished project!  

This is a great, lightweight cardigan for spring. It is knit in The Fibre Company's Savannah DK in Pink Grapefruit, a blend of 50% merino, 20% cotton, 15% soy, and 15% linen. Despite the makeup of this yarn, it turned out to be surprisingly delightful to work with. The yarn was not splitty, although I would not suggest using it with the Knit Picks Zephyr needles. I started the cardigan on those needles and it was all I could do to keep going. The drag caused by the yarn on the needles was dreadful. I switched to my Knit Picks Harmony needles and all was well again. 

I knit this sample in the 36" bust size (which I am not even close to) but I would knit it again in this size if I were planning to wear it over layered tees and long sleeves. Since there's no closures, I don't think the bust size needs to be spot on to fit nicely. 

I also really like the collar/banding on this cardigan. It just seems that the wide band makes the overall effect very flattering yet casual at the same time. 

The hardest part of sample knitting is sending away the finished piece (especially when you want to wear it the rest of the weekend). A knitted garment is always labor intensive, no matter how delightful during the process. Then it's all grown up and headed to Hannah's house!

Pattern: Spring Ribbed Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Fibre Company Savannah DK, 7 skeins 
Needles: #4
Began: February 
Completed: February 27th


  1. Very nice cardi! I'm in the same boat. I just finished a pair of mittens for a designer and now I have to send them off to a magazine. Wahh! I've fallen in love with them. Talk about separation anxiety!

    So nice to hear that you've had such a great year. Wishing you continued success.

  2. That is a gorgeous sweater - I would've had a hard time sending it away, too! And thanks for the heads up about that pattern! I've been looking for something like that in a DK weight recently and that sweater could be just the ticket.

  3. I just LOVE that sweater. The color is awesome, and it looks so cozy. Hannah is such a great designer of knits I would actually wear often.

  4. You did a great job, Andrea! I love this cardigan so much, and the color is perfect.

  5. I just about love ever single thing that Hannah creates, this one may be my very favorite! You do an excellent job and that color- YUM! No wonder it was hard to part with.

  6. Wow! What a great cardigan! The color is amazing!

  7. Ooh, fabulous sweater! What a great cheery color! I'm so jealous that you get to knit for Hannah---I love her designs. Lucky you!

  8. That's a gorgeous cardigan! Hannah really designs beautiful garments. Do you think it would be possible to add hook and eye fasteners to the cardigan, in case I'd like to close it?


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