Thursday, September 8, 2011

Water Lilies Socks

Last night was my knitting group's annual Birthday Swap. It's our biggest swap of the year, where we celebrate everyone's birthday at once (I'm positive I heard more than once last night someone ask, "when's your birthday" followed by "today"). My recipient was Chantal (Chauntal? She's a tricky one) who mentioned that she'd love a pair of handknit socks since she's only learning to make socks herself. So, in addition to some skeins of Collinette (you know, to make socks with) and Malabrigo (just for the love of it) I made her a pair of socks.

I think she actually squeed when she opened her package. That's like music to a knitter's ears. 

The yarn for these is ThreadBear Fiber Arts Black Dog Hand Dyed Sock Yarn. There was no colorway listed on the label but the yarn reminded me of a Monet painting; gorgeous hues albeit a bit muddled. I believe the Michigan yarn shop where the owner would dye these skeins up has since closed. Either way, I received this yarn as a gift through a swap two years ago. I've been saving it for something special and this was it.

The socks were done cuff down, where I worked about 8 rows of stockinette before doing a yarn over/knit two together combo, then another 8 rows before picking up stitches and knitting the top of the cuff down to create the picots. I love me a good picot. 

They fit the recipient perfectly (thank goodness) and I have more than enough to knit a second pair for myself (because I'm greedy like that).

Yarn: Black Dog Hand Dyed Sock Yarn (100% superwash Merino)
Needles: Leg and foot US1, heel and toe US0
Began: August 24
Completed: September 4


  1. I'd squee over those socks too--very pretty!

  2. So nice! I love the picot edging. It's awesome that you kept enough for a second pair!

  3. haha -- i love me a good picot, too. those are gorgeous! what a lucky recipient, i hope you were as lucky with what you received.

  4. such very pretty socks!! I love the picot trim.

  5. The socks are really nice! Your picot edge looks neat and flat. I've often wondered if it would flare out. You've inspired me to give it a try.

  6. What an awesomely generous gift!!! I would have squealed to ;) Waterlily is appropriate ~ very Monet color.

  7. I love the Monet association, you're spot on! Perfect socks!

  8. Greedy like that is good! Those socks are lovely, no wonder she squeed. :)


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