Saturday, October 15, 2011

In the Meantime

Even though I had yesterday off I've been super busy running all sorts of errands that I haven't had a chance to do during the school week. This means I haven't had a chance to take any new pictures.  Regardless, I've been knitting and now have a sleeve complete on my Rocky Coast Cardigan. I've knit it twice so technically I should have both complete but no, just the one. I'm hoping to get the other pretty much done tonight and get the final ribbing done tomorrow. There's also a handful of small accessory type projects I'd like to start next week. I'm hoping to have some pics to share tomorrow!


  1. Everybody I read is talking about the Rocky Coast Cardi and now that I bought the book, I'm starting to wonder if I will knit it too! I look forward to seeing yours. I want to make my next cardi grey but red or orange could be an option too! You just reminded me that I should put my automn wreath on the door tomorrow ;-)

  2. I love the way your autumnal wreath looks against your slate-gray door. I'm so happy it's truly now feeling like autumn.


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