Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Knitting and an Apple

I spent some time with my wonderful knitting group this evening. It has grown and changed (all for the better) since I've been a member. Meeting up with these fun ladies is always a highlight of my week.  Tonight, I mentioned that I didn't have a post planned for today so Mary kindly let me take some pictures of the group for the blog. 

I'm sure all knitters say this but I think my knitting group is the best. 

 And finally, I have a tiny finished project that I made at the end of August. My friend Deb was having a not-so-ideal time as a first-year teacher so I thought what better gift to give a teacher than an apple (and knitted, no less)? I got the idea from Alana (she always has great ideas) and whipped this cutie up with some DK weight Noro Maiko.

I omitted the finger hole and instead of adding pellets to weigh it down (those puppies are $8 a bag and I only needed about an ounce!) I added about thirty cents worth of pennies and fiber fill to create a fun little paper weight.

Pattern: Finger Foods by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: Noro Maiko, Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton (stem), Wollmeise (leaf)
Needles: US3
Began: August 30
Completed: September 3


  1. your knitting group looks like fun - where do you meet?

  2. I loved Alanna's apple when she blogged about it and yours is just as lovely. The ingenuity is spectacular and pennies? Great idea!

  3. I bet she will love it. I made apples for teachers when my kids were little, I loved them.

  4. I would be so sad without my knitting buddies :) Yours looks like a fun group ~ PS my sister is a teacher and like any job it gets easier with experience.

  5. I love those photos. It could be any creative group of women anywhere. So lovely to think how connected we all are.


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