Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lahna Tea

What does one do when their little brother starts a new internet business? Like any good sister, they post about it on their blog.  My brother has recently launched an online tea store that sells loose leaf tea and teaware.

I'm not much of a tea snob (similar to a yarn snob only with tea) but I have to admit that he has pretty good taste when it comes to tea. He made me a few cups the last time I was in California and they were delicious. For someone new to loose leaf tea, he suggested starting with either of the oolang teas or the green tea. If you're interested you can visit his website here or his Facebook page. As an added bonus, shipping is free all of November.


  1. Nice! I'll have to look around his site.

  2. You are a lovely sister. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Good luck to your brother.

  3. Thanks! I love tea!! so I'll be checking out his webpage.

  4. I hope that he does very well! Having a sister who is already visible/popular on the world wide web should be just the boost he needs.


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