Sunday, October 23, 2011


I know there are plenty of people out there who are in the midst of the hexipuff craze. And if you don't know, check it out but be careful lest you get sucked in as well.  I'm not a hexipuffer because I'm a bit too product-oriented and I'm not sure if I'd have enough steam to make it to the end of that project. Despite my lack of hexipuffing, I love Tiny Owl Knits. I hadn't knit any of her patterns though because I felt that they might be a bit too whimsical for, say, a regular Tuesday. Until now.

If this isn't the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is. The new school I work at goes big for Halloween. I generally don't and only have one costume on hand (an Indian princess dress a friend made three years ago. She even fringed the bottom and beaded it. She's awesome.) that I can go to. But you know how some things just need to feel new? When I saw this I thought "what Native American wouldn't love a nice fox pelt for winter?!" And there you have it. 

Look at these tiny toes!

Right now I'm using a hook and eye closure to keep it on. Tiny Owl Knits recommends a magnetic closure and I think that will probably work a lot better and keep it from drooping. 

I wish I would've had some black fingering weight yarn but instead used some Blue Sky Alpaca Sport in a color called Pumpernickel for the legs and ears. Finding the foxy red color was pretty easy since for some reason I had the color in my mind and knew I could find it in Ultra Alpaca, and I did! This little guy used less than one skein of this yarn. If you're interested, the pattern comes with directions for both Mini-Fox and a grown up Mr. Fox.

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light (color #4280 Mahogany Mix, Blue Sky Alpaca Sport (Pumpernickel), Knit Picks Palette (Cream)
Needles: US4
Began: October 22
Completed: October 23


  1. I'd seen this pattern before (yes, fan of hexipuffs and tiny owl knits!) but NEVER considered it until I saw your supercute version. what a perfect update for your Indian princess!! (p.s. loving your daily updates this month!)

  2. Too cute!!! I'm in love with those tiny toes!

  3. OMG I saw she had released this pattern with the mini-version and have to agree it is too cute!!!!

  4. Foxes are so dear to me because my now-teenage son slept with a sweet little stuffed fox for years. This one is a beauty - I must look up the pattern. Thanks.

  5. So, so cute! I love this little guy!

  6. I love it! So adorable and such a great job! I'll be adding this to my queue.

  7. hi
    im ana from iran, its not possible for me to buy your fox shawl pattern because we have not possibility to pay online because of boycot iran, but i really love to knit that shawl for my neices,can i ask you send me that pattern please? my email is


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