Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mini-Skein Destash

I know there's been a lot of hype over these mini-skein blankets the last few years. Maybe it started with the Sock Yarn Blanket, although I'm sure some other knitter must have thought it a good idea to knit a blanket with leftover sock yarn. Lately, there's been the Hexi-puff craze and others. I've decided to try to knit a sock yarn blanket using rainbow colors for little Luscious (as we've begun to refer to him, don't ask me why).  I spent some time at 2am last Saturday digging through all my sock yarn minis and arranging them by colors to see what I have and what I will need. I've decided to get rid of all the minis I won't be using, because to be honest, I'm pretty sure after a project like this I will definitely NOT want any mini-skeins hanging around, and to help beef up my current rainbow colored mini-skein stash.  Ideally I'd like to sell all the mini-skeins so I can buy more in the colors I need, however, if you're a mini-skein collector too and think you might have some minis in colors I can use, let me know. I'm definitely open to swapping. I'll include a list of the colors I need at the bottom of the page. 

Just FYI: all my yarn is stored in ziplock bags upstairs in the guest room so the pups never have access. We don't smoke. All minis are at least 5g. I'm accepting payment through Paypal. You can contact me through my email but make sure to post in the subject line DESTASH or something so it don't accidently delete it. I'll sell all minis in sets of 10 for $10 (that will include shipping) to anywhere in the US (Canada add $2). I have a lot of untagged minis that came from swaps on Ravelry so I only know that they are superwash. I'll post any other information with the photos. I'm willing to mix and match, just specify what you want.  All minis have been sold! Needle case is still available.

Photo #1:
The two minis in the middle are the same color. All are superwash.

Photo #2:
All superwash.

Photo #3:
The mini-ball at the bottom might not be superwash.

Photo #4
From L to R: Baby Ull -#7502, Malabrigo Sock in Eggplant, Knit One Crochet Too in color #1289, Knit Picks Imagination Handpainted -Gingerbread House, Cascade Sassy Stripes -#714

Photo #5:
All superwash

Photo #6:
All superwash.

Photo #7:
These skeins I'm thinking might not be superwash. I do know that the two matching ball and skein on the left are an alpaca/nylon blend, the one next to it is hand dyed.

Photo #8:
(Long sekin) Knit Picks Stroll -Basalt Heather, (Next row, top to bottom) Swilan -#904, Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks Miami -Everglades, Kauni , Live, Lane Cervina Forever Jacquard, Cascade Yarns Sassy Stripes

Photo #9
All superwash

Photo #10:
All superwash, third from the left is Patons Kroy

This is not a mini-skein but I'm destashing for the cause. This is a Namaste straight needle case, brand new, never used. Measures 14" long. $14

My current mini skein list:

Purple minis 12
Blue minis 14
Green minis 7
Orange minis 18
Yellow minis 9
Red minis 7

I'm looking for at least 20 of each color. Thanks!

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