Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tie-Dye Baby

Today, my podcasting partner-in-crime and I braved the heat to head out to one of our local metro parks to take a lesson in tie-dying with natural dyes. The instructor went over how to make natural dyes (she suggested boiling 1 cup of your material with 1 quart water, then straining to make the dye), some plants that we can find in the wild to use as dye, and some things we can use from our refrigerator to make dyes. After this brief instruction we all had the opportunity to tie up our t-shirts and use the Rit dyes that were set up for us. And no, the irony was not lost on us either.

Most people brought t-shirts to dye. Mary brought some yarn (so did another woman I believe). I brought onesies. I rinsed them out with cold water when I got home and hung them out to dry but I'll definitely wash them before they're put away in the baby's dresser.


  1. Wow- that's so cool! For some reason, the blue one is my favorite.

    1. I think the blue is my favorite too :)

  2. oh these are fantastic! what a great project!

  3. That is so clever to tye-dye onesies!

  4. I cannot tell if you are working gender neutral, or if you know you are having a boy?

  5. Sounds like fun! But yes, that's pretty hilarious that Rit dye was used. The onesies look great!

  6. rit comes out well, but so do natural plant based dyes. Check out this shop for examples!


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