Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Happenings

Last month flew by far to quickly. I've been doing a TON of knitting but only a little that I can share right now. It's unfortunate that you'll have to wait because I'm SO excited about this new design!
In addition to all the crazy deadline knitting that's been going on, D is about to be 9 months old! I'm trying to hang on to every second of this little guy's first year but boy is it going fast.
The older he gets, the more like Adam he looks. Which is fine, except that I did all the hard work! I keep teasing Adam that I grew D from scratch. No easy feat I tell you.
Now that the weather is warming up, we're back to our weekend walks on the Ohio towpath. D loves to ride in his stroller which makes taking him out super easy and enjoyable. The worst part is that we have to load up the dogs, stroller, baby, and ourselves into tiny cars.
And, just to make the summer weather offical, the peonies in my yard bloomed!


  1. I miss walking with my daughter in the stroller. It was always so fun to get exercise and for her to see her world around her. Nine months already?


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