Monday, July 7, 2014

Basic Baby Cardigan

SO you would think that with summer finally here I'd have a little more time on my hands. This seem just to be the opposite. We've spent a lot of days swimming, zooing, playing, and other all consuming toddler stuff. It's been great! I even managed a weekend trip to California. Yes, I said weekend. My mom was retiring and my parents have officially sold their house in Fresno, purchased one in the Sacramento area (where my dad has been working for the last few years), and will be moved by the end of July. I wanted to get out there one last time before they left since they've lived in that house since I was 3!

As I began planning my trip a whole week in advance (!!!) I remembered a friend of mine from high school was expecting her second child. For her first baby I had crocheted a blanket and some bibs. I didn't want to leave the second baby out so decided to whip up a tiny, last-minute sweater.

The pattern I used was Basic Baby Cardigan, a free pattern by Alana Dakos. It's simple and done in worsted weight, just what I needed for a fast gift. 

The yarn is Anzula For Better or Worsted. This has become my favorite worsted weight yarn. It's soft, shiny, and feels like magic knitting. I've used this yarn for an upcoming design this fall and I used the leftovers for this sweater. 

There were a few mods I made in order to make it a bit less (in my mind) feminine looking. I cast on an extra two stitches to fronts and back and knit straight. I decreased for the armholes as written to the correct stitch count. I also added about a half inch of length to the yoke. Yes, this sweater is knit in pieces, but it's so darn tiny that it comes together very quickly. 

The buttons are from a Fresno yarn shop called Swatches. I was on my way to meet my friend (the day of the retirement party) so I literally ran in, bought buttons, ran next door to the quilt shop for thread, then sewed the buttons on as my dad drove the car. 

The sweater was very well received and my friend suggested I start sewing tags into the pieces I gift. I don't gift very often these days but I think I'll definitely be looking into tags for D's sweaters and gifts.

Yarn: Anzula For Better or Worsted
Needles: US 7 for stockinette, US 6 for ribbing
Began: June 21
Completed: June 25

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  1. Love the cardigan! The buttons are snazzy. I can understand your sentiment for your childhood home. Didn't know you were in the bay area.


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