Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why Toddlers Don't Knit

Besides the fact that most toddlers don't have strong fine motor control, there is one other reason why toddlers don't knit. Now, don't get me wrong, after spending his entire life before he could walk connected to me, and now acting as my shadow, my now 2 year old (how did that happen?!) is a yarn lover.

He's been to yarn shops where he walks around saying "Yarn. Yarn ball. Mama yarn." He picks up skeins and gently rubs them on his face saying, "Awww." If one of my projects is laying on the couch he will very helpfully carry it to me (with the yarn ball trailing behind). Recently he's even been caught knitting.

According to the weekly emails I get from What to Expect, toddlers are controlled by their emotions (duh). This is perhaps their knitting downfall. I recently received back my Beech Street Vest sample from Allyson. When samples come home it's like an old friend returning. Of course I put it on to model for my mother who was visiting. In talking about my vest, I managed to ignore my child for 30 whole seconds. He calmly walked up to me, stuck his finger in the vest and pulled.

Baby brain means when you're overcome you act like a banshee. A quiet, unsuspecting banshee in this case. Can you imagine what an actual knitting toddler would do if they dropped a stitch?

I think it's fixable, but still.

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  1. What a little stinker! Z loves to "knit" when I hand her a swatch and two needles. They're pretty cute, although mischievous at this age.


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