Monday, February 9, 2015

Bags and Beginnings

This weekend I cast on for my new project using Dream in Color Smooshy. I'm loving the vibrancy of that blue!

Even better, I've finally had a chance to use the new bag gifted to me by friend and sample knitter Lee. Lee has been one of the fabulous sample knitters that have been working tirelessly for me over the last several months. She runs the shop Wooly Bags on Etsy. I'm so very impressed with her bag. It's fully lined with no exterior seams, and the double sided drawstring? I was so excited that she would think to share this little treasure with me! 

And these woodland creatures are just so stinking cute! I've been wanting to use it but when you knit sweaters, it's pretty hard to fit half a sweater and the yarn in a project bag. So right now, while I'm still at the beginning of this, I will use this bag as much as possible. 

I gave myself about an hour to knit yesterday then it was back to the computer. But give me a few more days and the computer work will be done (for now) and I'll be back to work on knitting something fun! 


  1. Thanks for displaying my bag so nicely and for all your positive comments! It's a pleasure to work on your beautiful designs!

  2. I think if there were project bags for garments, one would just end up with a tote or purse-sized bag. The woodland creatures are cute. It's always fun to have a cute, project bag.


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