Sunday, May 17, 2015

Coming Up

During our weekend trip to Maryland, I got cracking on a new knitting pattern that I'll be publishing in a few weeks. 

What makes me excited for this pattern to launch isn't just that I think it's darn cute (that doesn't hurt though) or that I got to use the amazingly awesome and soft Weepaca, but that this pattern will be one of the first to launch a new site I've been working on.

This site will be host to loads of fun stuff for knitters, parents and kiddos, and those who knit for kiddos. It will host not only quarterly pattern collections, but also articles for crafting with your kids, video tutorials, children's book reviews, interviews, and more. 

There are still a few weeks left until the launch and I'll be using those to try to wrap everything up! 

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  1. That baby blue is sweet. I love the cute name of the yarn you're using. There are some great, color way names for that line. And aren't you clever to think of this new project. Thou multitask very well.


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