Monday, June 1, 2015

Sewn Bind Off

So I have some big news today: the new site I've been working on is live! The blog has launched today and there will be a lot of fun content this week. While our first collection won't launch until September, there will be patterns and a ton of other stuff in the meantime. 

Today, I have a video tutorial for you on the sewn bind off. It is my favorite stretchy bind off and is relatively easy. It is different from regular bind offs in that it is done by sewing stitches down, rather that knitting them (it that makes sense). I used this bind off around the collar of my Dandelion Meadow cardigan to give it a lot of stretch and flexibility. 

So this was my first time recording a tutorial (although it was something like take 7) so I hope you find it helpful! Enjoy!


  1. Your son is lucky to have a mama who creates with him and teaches him the value of making with his hands. I like it when crafter's make videos because it's fun to hear what their voices sound like.

  2. I'm appreciate your writing skill. Please keep on working hard. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've already bookmarked your blog for future reference. Can't wait to explore more of your posts and incorporate your tips into my knitting projects. Thank you for sharing your expertise and promoting frugalishness in the crafting community!


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