Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little dog stuff but mostly knitting.

Work on my Ravelympic project has been off to a slow start this week. My in-laws came over for a visit last night so not much knitting was done. Additionally, Timber's mom (yes, the dog) Chloe won Best of Breed yesterday and went on to compete in the Herding Group at the Westminster Dog Show! We were glued to the television and so excited to see her and Timber's breeder Lori. They both looked great and did a wonderful job. You can watch the judging of the Swedish Vallhund Group here (Chloe is the 7th Vallhund to go up and Timber's brother Toby is the 3rd).

Ok, ok. Back to knitting stuff.

I've completed about 15" of the body portion on my Montana Tunic. I need to have 19 1/2" before I separate the front and back for the sleeves. The great thing about this project is big needles and big yarn. Even though not much knitting is getting done, I still feel like it's progressing. 

This is a picture of the lace panel. You can kind of see what I was talking about earlier with the ladders. If you look closely, you'll see that the left side is a bit looser than the right. I read in a Ravelry forum that it helps if you beat your knitting with a wooden spoon or a spatula after you've soaked it and before pinning it out. This is done to even out the stitches. Let me tell you, at this point I'd love to beat this project but I'll have to wait until it's finished.


  1. Congrats to Timber's famous momma. You are killing me with all of this knitting.

  2. TImber says thank you! And can you believe all the blogging I've been doing too? Crazy.

  3. That is knitting up quite nicely! I can't wait to see it finished. I have a couple projects I'd like to beat as well...so I know what you mean!

  4. Congrats to Chloe! She's a lovely dog. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one whose Ravelympics projects are not progressing as quickly as I'd anticipated :-)

  5. So how does it feel to have a famous dog family? Are there news reposters outside, waiting to get and interview with Timber? That is so cool!

    And the knitting is wonderful, as always! You are such a great crafter! :)

  6. Timber's mom rocks.

    I can't see the difference in the sides. So you've fooled this inexperienced knitter. I think it looks awesome.


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