Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Montana Tunic: Check.

Yes, it's really true. I have finished the Montana Tunic. My picture is lousy because I finished just in time for the sun to go down and to have to use the artificial lighting in my dining room. But at least there's a picture. I'll work on getting a better one tomorrow.

Ravelympics medal for completing the Montana Tunic

It feels good to have this project finished but truthfully? I may ultimately unravel and re-knit it. You ask why? Well, the large gauge (the body is done in size 13 needles) and the reverse stockinette stitch lends itself to some stretchiness and I feel like knitting it on smaller needles could get me a better fit. Also, I think it is too long for my frame. I'm not very tall to begin with and this is just a wee bit too long. I would like it to be mid-hip length. At this length I could probably wear leggings with it, but I'm not really the leggings kind of girl.

So tell me, what do you think? Should I reknit this or leave it as is?

Pattern: Big Montana Tunic by Cecily Glowik
Yarn: Tahki Yarns Montana in color Cherry Blossom (4 skeins)
Needles: US11, 13, and 15 24" circulars, US11 16" circular
Began: February 12
Finished: February 23


  1. I think it is beautiful. But you have to decide whether to reknit or not. Doing all the work over again is tough, but looking at it in your drawer unworn because it was a few inches too long is a sad thought.

  2. I agree. It is beautiful and the length looks good on you but you are the one who will wear the item. Are you willing to frog it and go back to fix it. Congrats on your Rav Medal you deserve it!

  3. I love it and you look super cute! Wear it with tights, or skinny jeans and boots! I think it is awesome that it is finished!! Go girl!

  4. First of all I'm so excited that you got it finished. Personally it sounds like you want to reknit it so that it is something you'd wear. I've had that problem before and the fact that something was wrong or it wasn't just quite right, never let me really enjoy the finished object. If you feel that you need/want to reknit it, go for it. You know how the pattern works and it will go much quicker the second time around.

  5. As hard as it is, I vote for frogging and re-knitting into something you know you'll wear. There is nothing more disheartening that putting so much time and yarn into a project, only to let it sit in the closet because you just don't dig the way it looks on you....and now that you know the pattern so well, it's will fly by much faster!

  6. I agree. Frog and reknit so you will love it!

  7. Your Montana Tunic is very pretty, but personally, I don't like to see both t-shirt and jeans through the lacework. I'd shorten it so that the dividing line is behind the ribbing on the tunic. But that's just me :)

  8. It's great to see this knit up in "real life" - it is a pattern I've had earmarked for a while.
    I like it a lot - but, if you think it's too long, you probably won't wear it, so reknitting might be a good idea. At least it's a quick knit :)

  9. I think it looks great, but what you think is more important. Don't frog it right away though - it might grow on you!

  10. I think it would look great with really skinny jeans. BUT, you wouldn't have to re-knit the whole thing if you wanted it shorter, just frog back to where you want it to come to and add the ribbing. I can't see that the gauge is too large, looks good to me.


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