Monday, March 1, 2010

Product Review

I was planning on updating you on some projects I have on the needles today but it's almost 7pm now and dark. Since I haven't photographed any of the projects, it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Instead, I thought I might do a little product review:

Knit Picks Nickel-Plated Knitting Needle Tips:

For Christmas, my dear husband bought me the Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood needle set from Knit Picks. I was very excited as this is what I had asked for (and had added to the basket on the website and then emailed him the link). All the Options sets come with needle tips ranging from a size US4 to US11. That was fine. However, for my Montana Tunic I needed a US13 and US15. So back to Knit Picks I went. I decided to order the Nickel-Plated version of the needles instead of sticking with the Harmonies, just to try them out (and because they were less expensive). They showed up at my door fairly quickly considering Knit Picks is based on the West Coast. When I opened up the box and pulled out the needles I was surprised by how lightweight they are. Very nice. I tried to learn to knit on aluminum needles that were heavy and too slippery so I was a little nervous, but these are not heavy at all. I was also concerned with the slip factor but to my new-knitter surprise, these were not too slippery. However, if you are a more experienced knitter or prefer super slippery needles, these may not be slippery enough. These needles felt comfortable in my hand and helped my knitting to continue at a slightly faster pace. I really love the Harmonies (a review for another time) but if you already own the set and need alternate or extra tips, I would definitely suggest the Nickel-Plated tips. 

Thank you to all that have already offered to donate yarn for the Bark in the Park fundraiser! Thank you also to those who have posted about this fundraiser on their blogs! I truly appreciate it. Donations will continue through the end of the month so if you can, dig into your stash. Perhaps there is a skein of lovely yarn that you know in your heart of hearts you will not get around to using? If there is, please consider donating to this cause: Bark in the Park: Please Help

Also, you can continue reading about Hazel's story here.

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