Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a Work in Progress

In the online crochet/knitting community, a work in progress is referred to as a WIP. If you have more than one WIP, as most knitters and crocheters generally do, you would refer to these as your WIPs. This drives me crazy. You wouldn't say "work-in-progresss", would you? If you would, you should probably stop reading now. You would say "works-in-progress". WsIP. This is the same as you would say "goings-on" rather than "going-ons" or "culs-de-sac" instead of "cul-de-sacs".  I find myself thinking about grammar at night, in addition to knitting. If you think this is ridiculous, try being me. Yikes.

But I digress. Today I am sharing a current WIP. I've began working on this baby blanket for our friends before Ravelympics and then put it down for a bit while I suffered through what was the Montana Tunic saga.
It's another Tweed Baby Blanket by Jared Flood. It's knitted on the bias and then stitches are picked up all around the edges for a lacy border. This is all finished with an applied I-cord edging, giving it a very finished look. Before I bought the yarn (Plymouth Encore DK) I had Adam ask the soon-to-be parents if there were any colors they did not like or want. This is the text I received:

He said anything but Carolina blue.

Carolina blue? What's the first thing that comes to your mind? If it's the Carolina Tar Heels then you're right. I asked Adam what colors he thought I should use then if baby blue is out of the question. I was thinking maybe a deep teal or green.

Duke colors.

Duke colors are dark blue and white. So much for using some color creativity. I headed to a local yarn store and picked out the correct colors. Now that I've been knitting this for a bit, the whit is looking less white and more dingy. Horror of horrors, I may have chosen cream instead of white! They're going to have to manage with a blue and cream baby blanket. 

Today I also began frogging this hat:

It was the first hat I had ever knit and I used a wonderful angora/nylon blend that, while being deliciously soft to pet, made a rather silly looking hat. I had anticipated that the unraveling of this hat would be severely difficult with all its furriness, but I've actually managed to unravel half of it while sitting here waiting for pictures to upload. Now I ask, what will I do with the yarn? I have a total of 246 yards of this DK wight yarn. Any ideas?

With that I would like to point out that I have accomplished my New Years resolution of blogging more often. In 2008 and 2009 I blogged for a cumulative total of 17 posts. In 2010, I have blogged a current total of 26 times. With that, I will be deleting all previous, old-blog posts. 

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  1. Does that Tweed blanket knit up fast? I have several coworkers who will be expecting this fall and thought that would be a good present to knit up out of some soft baby yarn.

    The hat looks nice a soft, but I don't really do mohair stuff. I did read that you could put it in the freezer for a bit and it would help with the hairiness problem of unraveling it or something.

  2. It knits up fast if you can stick it out through the garter portion. That just gets kind of boring. Once I get the stitches picked up for the lace edging, I can get it done in a couple evenings. The end result is really nice.

  3. I never thought of the WIPs/WsIPS issue before. Definitely food for thought!

  4. WIP is also a term in manufacturing, where your WIP queue is all of the things "out" on the floor waiting to be completed. Usually it just gets referred to as simply "WIP," a collective term for one or dozen of items in progress.

    Also, isn't is culs-de-sac because it's French and cul is the noun "portion" of the phrase.

    (Which blog posts exactly are you deleting? All pre-2010?)

  5. I did delete all pre-2010.

    I think I like WIP as a collective better than WIPs.
    And yes, culs is plural because it's the noun in a French word but that's all I could think of off the top of my head this morning :)

  6. Love baby blankets with a lacy edging!!! I went to UCSB (Gauchos) and I remember the year - way back when - when they beat the tar heels. They've not had a decent team since I graduated - 20 plus years ago.


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