Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love and Crochet

I just wanted to share a picture with you. It's a picture of "my chair" at the dining room table where I do my computer stuff (blog, work, blog, homework, blog, Ravelry). And who would that be under my chair? Why, it's the young pup Timber cuddled under the chair and a crocheted blanket.

This blanket is not one of my projects. It was crocheted for me, by my mother, before I was born. The story goes, it was supposed to be a crib-sized blanket but as she continued, it grew and grew and ended up big enough to cover a full size bed. It's held up through many washes, camping trips, and other adventures quite well. The blanket is crocheted using three different shades of blue. My mother had bought two shades and then ran out of one. When she went to buy more, she couldn't find it. Hasn't this happened to just about everyone? 

I think one of my favorite things about giving hand made gifts is just this: that it becomes part of your life. This blanket has been with me since I was an infant, and now I use it as a married adult, 2,500 miles from where I started.


  1. How nice!! Heart those Mommas!

  2. That's a really cool story. my dog hides under my chair/desk too. I hope one day I can have a knitted/crocheted item that my kids will remember like that.

  3. I love that you've had (and used!) that blanket for so long. I hope my children will treasure the items I've made for them in the same way.


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