Friday, April 2, 2010

When it Rains it Pours

You may remember that early in January I mentioned that I wanted some baby knitting to do. Well, I spoke too soon. I currently have three friends that are expecting and all are due in August. I've gotten started on some of the knitting but I keep thinking, "I have until August". I'm sure July will come and then I'll be scrambling to finish. That's what I get for saying I needed to knit for a baby...

I have however, finished the baby blanket that I began working on in January. You may remember me talking about it here when Adam specifically stated the blanket for these friends had to be dark blue and white. Since I wasn't too thrilled with the color choice I got kind of bored with the project. Last weekend, I finally decided that I was tired of the blanket hanging around. 
While I like the pattern, it can get a little boring and I was definitely not in love with the yarn I used. It's a  75/25 Acrylic/Wool blend. I choose it because I had seen a lot of baby projects made with this yarn. I personally found it to be scratchy in addition to it splitting easily. I definitely will not use this yarn again. When it comes to acrylic yarns, I'm not too terribly picky but I just did not like this one. The price is reasonable, but I have also bought and used the Berroco Comfort DK (50/50 acrylic/nylon) and found the price to be almost exactly the same, with a much softer texture. 

Blue Devils Blanket
Pattern: Tweed Baby Blanket by Jared Flood
Yarn: Plymouth Encore DK (4 skeins in off white, 1.5 skeins in blue)
Needles: US8 32" and 40" circulars
Began: January 30
Finished: April 1

In other blog news, you may also remember the last giveaway (not the current one) I had where I talked about some guest blogging I did on Blogivation. I talked to my brother yesterday and he said that my post has the third most hits on the site! The ones with more hits were people with larger (and more) blogs. He said he couldn't understand how I did it. I just told him, there's a lot more knitters out there than you'd think. 

I'm off to finish cleaning my house before Margaret comes to take pictures of the raffle yarn (so expect an updated post on that soon). I'd hate for her to come over and think I'm some sort of scalawag. 


  1. I really like that blanket. I've thought about doing some knitting like that for the guys around here that are all expecting in August as well...hmm correlates to our Blizzard #2 here. Coincidence?

  2. I think the blanket is great. I love the border.

    And I'm excited that you're guest blogging with us soon. You can bring all your fans!

  3. It's a beautiful blanket. I can see how you'd get bored much garter stitch. You did a great job on it!


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