Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Bibs and More

Babies drool a lot, in case you were unaware. I've mentioned in previous posts that I have many friends who are all expecting a new addition to their families around the same time. For one of these friends, I've decided to knit a small bundle of baby bibs. I picked up four balls of Lily Sugar'n Cream at my local Michaels for only $1 each (woo hoo for sales). I chose a variety of "boyish" colors since everyone seems to be having boys. I'm using a pattern from the book Mason Dixon Knitting, borrowed from Amy. I'm about halfway through the second bib but the cotton yarn on bamboo needles are a rough match up. 

I also started working on the Aran Necklace Camisole from the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits. I'm using a cotton/linen blend yarn which I really love, but the lack of stretch hurts my hands after a short bit. 

My tutorial on joining-as-you-go is up on Clever Nesting today. If you're here from Clever Nesting, here's the hexagon pattern I promised. 


  1. Oh wow, you must be a mind reader. I picked up Mason Dixon Knitting at the library today to get the pattern for those bibs and burp cloths too! We have a tons of babies due later this summer at my office and I thought that would be a great gift! Btw, how many can you get out of one ball?

  2. I can only get one bib out of a ball. I just weighed the leftover yarn from the first bib and it looks to be weighing about 5g.

  3. I don;t have any babies to knit for, but I will keep the bibs in mind. :-)
    Oh hey, who won your raffle? I am excited to see the commentd of the lucky winners!


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