Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hexagonal Pincushion: Take Two

I just finished my second hexagonal pincushion. This one is going to be given to my knitting friend Mary. I really like the colors I used for this one. Mary said she likes greens and yellows. I picked a spring green, yellow, off white and deep red for this pincushion.  I think my joining was a little off in one corner because it wasn't as pointy as the rest of the corners. But that's kind of how things go. No two are the same. I used a thinner cotton for this pincushion as well as a smaller hook. Additionally, with the last pincushion I joined seven hexagons then stuffed it, adding the final hexagon last. With this one, I joined all eight, leaving a small opening to stuff it, then finishing the final couple of double crochets and joining slip stitches. I think this helped to keep the joining stitches tighter. I'm excited to give this to Mary. I hope she likes it (and gets some use out of it).

Hook: B (2.25mm)
Yarn: DMC Coton Perle 5, four colors
Began: May 17
Finished: May 19

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