Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Knitting Ahead

After finishing the cardigan this weekend, I wanted to shake a leg on the knitting I need to have done by mid-May. I promised my mother a felted purse for Mother's Day and since I have knit it before (and when I was less experienced, I might add) I already knew that the pattern would knit up quickly. I also knew that the felting might take a solid five days to dry as well as which LYS I would go to for the purse handles. I also knew that the final step, assembling, might very well take me an entire day to do and I would most likely put it off for a week or more. Uh oh.

I have finished the knitting of the bag and am off to pop this puppy in the washer for a good felting. I have begun to knit the bobble panel and plan on taking it with me to class tonight to get some quality knitting time in. So, thus far, I'm ahead of schedule.

I had another drive-by guest blogging appearance on Clever Nesting. I shared some information about my recently completed pincushion. This pincushion is based on the Hexagon Pincushion pattern by Leanda Xavian. However, I didn't want to buy the pattern so I used my magical crochet skills and just crocheted hexagons and joined them together. I'll be making another one for my friend Mary for which I'm currently on the hunt for the right yarn.

Hook: C (2.75mm)
Yarn: DMC Coton Perle 3, 8 colors
Began: April 3
Finished: April 4


  1. Ooh. Crocheted hexagons. I am taking a class at the beginning of May to learn how to crochet just so I can make a hexagon blanket. Awesome.

  2. It's absolutely beautiful! Well done :)


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