Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Feeling Allergic Today.

I don't know if that is how to appropriately convey when you feel overcome by allergies but it is what I told Adam earlier. He knew what I meant. I generally do not suffer from allergies but the last few days I think that may be exactly what I'm suffering from. Itchy throat, sneezing, etc.

Luckily, another semester of grad school is over (this is where I do a fist pump!) and now I'll start having some time to myself again. For starters, I was relaxing last night after a very hectic weekend, just working on my Cabled Camisole. Over the last week I had knit about 5" of the back portion and didn't have much more to go until I could pick up stitches and start the front. 

It was at this point that I realized that I had still been using the #4 needles when I was supposed to be knitting with the #7s. Whoops. So I ripped back to the second row of stitches (the row after you pick up 40 stitches at the back of the neck and then you have to knit into the front and back of every stitch to increase to 78 total stitches. No way was I doing that again). Thank goodness this yarn is a bit stiff. It was pretty easy to get my needle back through the loops and get started with the correct size. So I don't have any newer pictures because it still looks about the same as this picture, which was taken midweek. 

In other news, I was thinking about knitting/crocheting something to wear (or for Timber to wear?) for Bark in the Park. Since so many wonderful yarnies out there donated to our cause and entered the raffle, I  would kind of like to represent for them. The only stipulation for this project is that I would have to be able to whip it up pretty quick and use stash yarn. Any ideas?


  1. How about a cabled collar for Timber? That should be quick.

  2. The collar is a great idea, how about an i-chord leash to match?


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