Friday, August 27, 2010

Am I Crazy?

Coming up soon will by my knitting group's birthday swap. I've taken this opportunity to knit my first stranded colorwork piece. In the round. On dpns. I've always viewed new projects as opportunities to learn new techniques. This will definitely be one of those opportunities.

Suggestions are welcome! 


  1. um wow! I doubt you're crazy, but you might have a serious overachiever complex! and apologies if all this is on ravelry, but - what weight is the yarn? and how much do you have? those two colors could make gorgeous mittens, or a hat - or you could stripe them a la through the loops' andrea's mitts?

    p.s. had typed all this before I realized I couldn't link to patterns...sorry!

  2. Not crazy - just ambitious! I think working in the round for stranded color work is the easiest way to do it - Good luck!

  3. hey, good luck. and, is it me, or every time i come here lately your blog has a slightly different look. a little cleaner, simpler...??? or, maybe it's me. really.

  4. your knitting is so inspiring! I have been feeling lately like I need to make the leap from knitting hats on 2 needles to learning to make something more advanced... but I'm nervous!
    I love seeing projects and swatched made by knitting gurus
    Wool is just the best. Especially if it's half-off!

  5. You are fabulous!
    I love the little deer buttons. They are darling. You really do beautiful work.

  6. I think Endpaper Mitts would be a great first colorwork project. I still haven't made them, but they've been in my queue for ages.


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