Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Not much has been going on around here since the weekend. After all the hustle and bustle of getting things finished over the weekend, I've been taking the time to plan some new projects. I did however get one small project started (and almost finished).

I started these mittens during the weekend. I made a trip out to my LYS with mittens in mind. I think my exact words when I walked in were "I need help and yarn." To which Judi replied, "I can do both."

For these mittens I'm using the Lychee Mittens pattern. This is a free pattern from Kelbourne Woolens. I was looking for just a regular mitten pattern, and that's what I've found. I knit up the first and second mitten over the weekend and the thumb Monday night. I'm kind of just letting the last thumb languish. Maybe I'll get it done tonight. I really love the color of this yarn, too. It is Malabrigo Worsted in Pollen. A very bright and sunny color. I think they'll go great with my lime green winter coat.

I also started swatching for a sweater I'll be knitting for my brother. It's a Christmas present but he's in on it so it won't be too much of a surprise.

I realized after swatching that this sweater will be knit in the round. I've decided to re-swatch, in the round. I'm hoping the gauge will be correct and that this will actually fit him when I'm finished. For this sweater, I'm going to attempt to use Elizabeth Zimmermann's percentage system. Wish me luck.

Today I made a quick stop at a LYS that will be closing its doors soon (sad). I picked up 9 skeins of Naturally Harmony 8 ply for half off (score!).

I've been kind of looking around for this yarn. I say kind of because I've been wanting it for a specific project but I've also been limiting myself on my yarn expenditures. However, at half off, I could definitely justify the purchase. I will use this yarn to knit the Essential Cardigan by Laura Grutzeck from the Summer 2010 issue of Interweave Knits. I didn't intend to get the same color as the sample cardigan but my only other option was a creamy natural color. I do really like this color, though. It reminds me of coffee and what's not to love about that?

I'm hoping this will be the cozy teacher cardigan you keep on your chair for when it's just too chilly. Probably not paired with yellow, though.

In other, dog-related news:

We made it to the Paws 'n Pitches baseball game for the Akron Aeros baseball team (AA) this year. Proceeds from this game go to the Humane Society of Greater Akron.
As it turns out, Timber really enjoys baseball.


  1. when yarn is half off, you cannot, absolutely must not, at any cost, not purchase it. lol. lovely colour and lovely pattern. Your mittens are beautiful too.

  2. Wow, lucky you on the great deal! Sad to hear a LYS going out of business though. Love the mittens. What a great color!

  3. Looks like Timber could use a beer! I'm glad he knows the rules and didn't chase after a ball or two!

  4. i really like the look of the cardi but yes probably steer away from yellow ;)

  5. I love the yellow mittens! I like that cardigan from the summer Interweave as well, and I think the color you chose will be lovely.

  6. Those yellow mittens look buttery soft and so pretty. The cardigan seems a bit vintage and oh so chic!
    Nice choices. You are an inspiration!


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