Monday, September 13, 2010

Cedar Leaf Shawlette

My Cedar Leaf Scarf has been done for some time now. I originally started knitting this with the thought that I may keep it. Once I had finished though, I decided to gift it as part of my package to Mary for the birthday swap. 

This really is a super easy knit. The pattern is Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting (you know I love her patterns).  The shaping is done using short rows then the leaf border is added on. I used only one and a half skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino in my favorite colorway, Redwood Bark.  I had been wanting to knit this for some time and had used half the skein for swatching. To squeeze the pattern out of only 225 yards I eliminated a few of the short rows which made the finished piece more of a scarf than a shawlette. I also knit the leaf border using smaller needles. When I finished, I literally had about six inches of yarn left. 

I love how this came out. 

The finished scarf was pretty curly when I finally got it off the needles so I wet blocked and laid it out flat to dry. Silky Merino grows like the dickens and the final measurements are 70" long by 5" wide. I may have to knit another for myself. And I know just the yarn to use

Pattern: Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino in Redwood Bark, 1.5 skeins
Needles: #7 for scarf body, #6 for leaf border
Began: August 5
Completed: August 9


  1. I love it and can't wait to wear it!

  2. It's beautiful and I love your colorway selection. I just completed mine in a brown tweed and will blog about it soon. I went to Alana's trunk show and it was fabulous. Like you, I love her patterns.

  3. Gorgeous! I've still never used Silky Merino, but it always produces beautiful results.

  4. oh...air leaving my body....that is SO beautiful.

  5. that other mary is really lucky!! (oh, and that comment I left on ravelry about knitting this in two colors? you were polite not to ask what in the world was I thinking?! I was thinking alana's cosette wrap - of course cedar leaf is a single color and yours is gorgeous!)

  6. It's lovely ~ very generous to gift it away. Oh and thank you for sharing the color you used, it really is a beautiful shade of red/brown.

    6 inches left!!!! That was close ;)

  7. Pretty! I want to knit the Just Enough Ruffles scarf, which reminds me a bit of this shawlette.

  8. Andrea- This scarf is gorgeous. I love those leaves. I can't believe you were able to give it away! I'd never be able to part with something so pretty (I'm still working on the kindergarten lesson about sharing, though).


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