Thursday, September 16, 2010

Simple Socks

I'm proud to introduce to you my first pair of socks made for myself:

I did make the anklets but the were gifted away so they don't count. And I don't like to wear ankle socks anyway. I knit the leg on these about 7" long since I prefer a longer leg on socks. 

I'm really excited that I was able to make the colors match up on these socks because I really am that crazy. I got some help from my blog friend, Emptyknitster. They are almost a perfect match except for the fact that I started doing toe decreases a couple rows too soon. But at this point, I don't care. I just want to wear them.

I am so proud with how well these turned out. I pulled as tightly as I could between needles and the laddering I have is very minimal. Amy assures me they'll come out in the wash. I compared these socks to the first sock I ever knit and I'm really happy with the progress I've made. For starters, that first sock ended up fitting my husband's foot, not mine. Needless to say, there is some size difference between the two of us. Also, the yarn and needles used in the first sock produced a kind of bulky sock. Not super bulky, but bulky enough that I wouldn't want to wear it in a shoe.  Since the one sock incident, it's been a bit of a running joke with my father-in-law that I will have one cold foot.

Looks like I'll have two warm feet this fall.

And yes, that's Hazel standing behind me.  She needs a lot of attention.

Pattern: a mish mash of plain sock knitting with the right gauge.
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks
Needles: #2 DPNs, Kollage Square Needles
Began: September 3
Completed: September 12


  1. Love your socks! I have never completed a pair of socks in 10 days--that's amazing!

  2. They are gorgeous. I love the striping. I'm a big fan of long socks, too.

  3. Great looking socks! I love when the stripes match on each sock. (I've been known to cut the yarn and start it again just to get them to match)

  4. THOSE are the best socks EVER! Love them!

    Visiting by way of The Brick Street Bungalow!

    Jill from The Glen

  5. those look WONDERFUL!! so cozy - nothing fits like a handknit sock. and the colors will be especially great in the winter. congrats! it's such a good feeling -

  6. Lovely! The sock look nice and I love the colors!

  7. nice job! your "firsts" are turning out great (what do you have planned next?!)

  8. Fab!!!
    I love homeknitted socks!
    My mum knits the most beautiful socks and I have a collection as they last for years and never get holes. Shes being mean now and will only knit me one pair a year ha ha ha
    Birthday socks.
    Love the colours of yours, great stuff!!!!!

  9. I'd be darn proud too! They're wonderful! I hope you have a cute pair of mary-janes to show them off!


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