Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Just Keeps Going

I've been working on my Brother's Sweater for almost two weeks and the stockinette body seems almost never ending. I'm not a huge fan of too may in progress pictures but since this does look different from when I first introduced you to it I figured it would be ok.

My plan is to knit the body until it is 17". As you can see, I'm only at 12.5" so there's still a few more to go. Assuming I'm knitting at a rate of 6" per week, I should have the correct length by the end of next week.  One great thing about this project is that, at least right now, it is pretty mindless. I take it to work with me and knit a row or two on my break. I take it to class with me and knit a few more rows when the professor shows a video. No counting, no looking.  

Another great thing is this Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. I've really liked working with it so far; not too scratchy, just enough wooly smell. And to top it off, I'm still on the first skein!


  1. glad to hear your report on that wool...i've been wondering about it. good luck plugging along on the sweater!

  2. Great yardage! Knitting a sweater isn't very exciting in the middle, but it's good to know you're progressing so quickly.

  3. No knitting in class - that's an order - LOL

  4. I'm knitting a man's jumper at the moment too....and this bit does take a while doesn't it....the great thing is that you don't have to think too much when you're doing opposed to patterned socks which I am also knitting....the colour of the wool is great....I love it....and one skein reckon I'm up to about my fourth already...tiny little silly balls....

  5. That's some impressive yardage! I might have to give that yarn a try.


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