Thursday, October 14, 2010


I've always had a bit of a problem with biting off more than I can chew, comfortably.  I remember the last year I was an undergrad, I was taking 21 credits (both semesters) so I could graduate in May, working two jobs (full time), planning my wedding, and getting ready to move right after. There was a lot of crying towards the end of each semester and much gnashing of teeth. But I got it done.  I seem to be doing another version of this with my knitting. 

At first, I was kind of surprised that I was only knitting one Christmas present (Brother's Sweater) so I thought, why not knit another one? And now I've committed to a second sweater for Adam. Well, two sweaters didn't seem to bad. Besides, there's still more than two months before they need to be done. I guess I should also tell you that I've committed to knitting a baby sweater for my mom to gift as well as a pair of socks by early November. And I still have my sample knitting. Oh yeah, and I offered to make my parents a queen-sized afghan for Christmas. You heard me right. I offered.

So now what do I do? Do I rescind my offer? Or do I find a manageable afghan pattern and get going?   I've narrowed my pattern choices down to these three:

Pros: Hello, gorgeous! Other Ravelers have actually knit this in two weeks.
Cons: Uses about a ton of yarn. Pay pattern.

Sunny Spread
Pros: Using a textured pattern will let me get away with only using one color of yarn. Working in motifs means this is a portable project.  Free pattern. I crochet faster than I knit.
Cons: Calls for more yarn that Girasole which means I'll have to watch my spending. And I don't want to knit an acrylic afghan just to save money.

Hemlock Ring Blanket
Pros: Also gorgeous. Most projects on Ravelry only used 2 skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool so, affordable. Free pattern.
Cons: Will it be big enough to cover a queen-sized bed? Not a portable project.

While I like the Girasole the best, I'm leaning towards the Sunny Spread because of its portability. I am having a hard time choosing a potential yarn though since it calls for about 2,500 yards (and that's just to make the standard size). I'd like to know your thoughts. Which do you think I should (or could) make and do you have any yarn ideas? I would love something washable but I'm not dead set on anything.


  1. You are crazy girl! How are you going to do all of this?!?

    I'm now thinking that I won't be asking you to do anymore sample knitting for me this year! Im saving you from yourself. :)

  2. Wow!! Busy girl...I got tired just reading about all your projects ;-)

  3. The texture of the Sunny Spread is great but they are all very pretty. I don't have experience with washable wool so I can't recommend anything. Maybe you can find a great deal on something in the destash group on Ravelry?

  4. Ok so. I think we do this to ourselves every year. We crafers always bite off more than we chan chew, and we ENJOY IT secretly. But as far as which pattern. I like the first and the last patterns the best. But you gotta go with your gut - what can you get DONE? I admit though, that circular afghans always put a smile on my face!!
    Good luck with whatever you choose!

  5. My goodness, you ARE busy. I suppose all you can do is remember to keep breathing and just do one thing at a time.

    I wish you the very best of luck with all your projects! :)

  6. I made Girasole this past weekend and it was a great project. If you ended up being pressed for time, you could leave off the last section (it would probably save something like 10-20 hours). Honestly though, seeing the sunny spread makes me wish I crocheted- I love it!

  7. I too tend to bite off more than I can knit. So this year I decided I would not stress myself out and if I didn't get everything done, it was ok. It's ok because I know I'll eventually get it all done.

    I like the portability and the quickness of the Sunny Spread. I crochet faster than I can knit and when I need an afghan or a blanket I usually do crochet it.

  8. Well I have all 3 of those in my queue and I actually got the pattern for Girasole. I sourced yarn when I was considering it and the Eco-Wool from Cascade on Webs is resonable. I think like $50.

    I love the Sunny Side and the Girasole equally. I like the idea of the portable blocks on Sunny Side. Much easier to find time for a 30 minute block, vs an hour long ROW. Just my thoughts.

    I don't think Hemlock will be big enough.

  9. I like the Girasole and the look of a round afghan. I'm sure your parents won't disown you if you don't quite finish it in time for Christmas. Enjoy the process!

  10. Oops! Entered my address wrong.

  11. You can do it! Ambitious, yes, but you're motivated, and you churn out projects pretty quickly. So, on the yarn choice, I don't know if you've used Berocco Comfort, but it comes in a great selection of colors, is washable, and I've heard it holds up well. All three are lovely patterns. I've got the Hemlock blanket in my queue as well. If I could crochet, I'd probably pick the Sunny Spread, since you'll probably finish that one faster than the other two options. Good luck!

  12. I am voting for the sunny spread. There are some soft great priced wool blend yarns out there that may help cut down the cost. :)
    As a fellow overextender, your projects made even me a little woozy. :) You will be fine.

  13. The Girasole is so lovely, but it may be more practical to make the Sunny Spread since you crochet faster. I would check Ebay for the yarn, I have found some great deals there.

    Can't wait to see which you chose and the finished project.

    Oh, and I feel you on the overextended thing!


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