Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Revealed

I am so happy now that all gifts have been received (except for Adam's but let's not get into that) and I can finally share them with blogland.  First up is the Cedar Leaf Shawlette knit for my sister-in-law Erin.

I am in love with this pattern and yarn (in case you couldn't tell). While it's a pretty simple pattern using short row shaping and the knitted on leaf border, if packs a pretty big punch. The color of Malabrigo Silky Merino I used this time is Topaz. I originally bought this yarn at the beginning of the year with the intentions of making something for myself. This is such a rich and vibrant color, how can you not like it? My sister-in-law loved it (score!) and that makes me very happy. I guess I'll just have to buy more for myself.

Pattern: Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino in Topaz, 1.5 skeins
Needles: #7
Began: December13
Completed: December 18
Mods: Like the last one I knit, I took out a few short row repeats and knit the leaves using a #6.

The most wonderfully awesome gift I made this year (at least I think so) is the Brother's Sweater!

My brother received this yesterday and had been instructed to call me immediately upon its arrival. This led to him calling and me downloading Skype in order to see him try it on. And guess what? It looks GREAT. It actually fits (which may be what I'm even more amazed by)! He said it was super warm and definitely woolly (although he also added that he didn't mind the wooliness). He sent me a text later saying "I actually really like it. Thank you." Which in little brother language means, "You're the best big sister in the entire world. I can't believe you're kind and gracious enough to knit me an entire sweater. I love you!"  Or something like that.

As I was gushing about it over dinner last night and exclaiming, "I can't believe how great it looks!" Adam said, "I know, I saw it." Kind of like, ok, ok, I got it. I had to explain to him that while I've knit other sweaters before (all from patterns including the one I'm working on for him) I knit this one using my brother's measurements, my wicked math skills, and pure knitting mojo all from 2,500 miles away. It was like a knitted Christmas miracle.


Pattern: My own genius and some help from Elizabeth Zimermann (Knitting Without Tears)
Yarn: Lion Bran Fisherman's Wool (about 2.3 skeins) in Nature's Brown
Needles: #7
Began: September 30
Completed: December 11
The only thing I might do differently if I were to make another is to knit a longer collar (maybe 5-6") and fold it over and sew down in order to make a higher/thicker collar.


  1. Beautiful knits, though I'm most impressed with the sweater, I must say! Isn't it wonderful when you can knit a sweater with good fit from far away? I'm totally impressed. Great job! :)

  2. Wow those are super lovely! I'm glad your knitted Christmas turned out wonderful!

  3. Your brother's sweater looks fantastic and how wonderful that it actually fits perfectly! The knitting you do is always so beautiful!

  4. Wow, the fact that the sweater fits so well is incredible! The shawlette is gorgeous, and yes, I guess that does mean more yarn for you. ;)

  5. those are truly, truly beautiful. the drape on the shawlette makes me swoon, and the sweater is just wonderful in every way. lucky gift recipients! (it does help to be able to translate brother-speak, doesn't it). :)

  6. The gifts you knitted are wonderful! I didn't knit for Christmas this year, but I wish I did. I'm starting this January so I can give knitted gifts next Christmas.

  7. Beautiful! Your work is beautiful!!

  8. Wow, these are both gorgeous. I love them! And looking through your blog, I can see that you do really nice work. I also love this time of year when you can finally show your secret Christmas projects on your blog.

  9. Ah! Both of those things are really awesome! I love your shawlette. I started one a couple of months ago but never finished it. :(

  10. Love your Cedar Leaf - that is in my queue and now I think I have to cast on soon!

  11. your brother's sweater turned out fantastic, but i can't get over that leaf shawl... stunning!
    (you keep making me want to abandon all my projects and just copy what you're knitting!)

  12. I'm impressed. You're right, knitting a sweater for someone else, and having it fit that someone else, really is like a Christmas miracle!
    I'm currently working on my 3rd sweater for myself.


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