Monday, February 21, 2011


Oh goodness. Can I even begin to explain to you all the things that are causing obstructions in my ability to blog? Let me start with the most recent, as I sit her with my TheraFlu, I seem to have actually come down with a flu/cold. This weekend it has been chills, cough, congestion (both nasal and chest), and body aches. Ugh. Thankfully I had today off but I still have to face tomorrow (with unfinished lesson plans, none the less). 

My school socks have been stalled too, about two inches before the toe, due to my crazy needles. For these socks I've been using my Kollage square circulars and I am now on my third set. That's right, third. With the first pair, the needle came off the cable when I was only through the cuff of the first sock! I took them back to my LYS, who kindly exchanged them for me and I continued to knit on. The needle came off the cable of the second pair after I had made it almost to the toe of the first sock. Yes, I'm still on the first sock! I now have my third set of these needles and am hoping to make it through to the second sock. I mean really, I'm knitting a sock, not pulling a freight liner with these needles. 

I was feeling stalled with my sample knitting as well (anything else?!). For this piece I'm knitting with the Fibre Company's Savannah DK which is a Merino, cotton, soy, linen blend. The needles I was using were the acrylic interchangeable tips from Knit Picks and they were causing a lot of drag on my yarn not to mention they are a bit too flexible and I kept feeling like if I put too much pressure on them they might just snap. I finally switched to my Harmonies last week and now I'm speeding along. Hooray!

On a more positive note (and to not leave a post photo-less) we were visited by our friend Devo last weekend (Mary is Devo's mom). Needless to say, all pups were thoroughly tired by the end of the day!


  1. Heh heh heh, my son! Sorry you feel cruddy.

  2. i just got over that -- it's no fun at all! 7-8 days and it'll be history.

    but what's up with those needles! that's kind of crazy!

  3. Oh i do hope you get feeling better quickly! I hate being sick. That is terrible when the needles won't cooperate. Any chance you can use some regular needles for the last few inches?

  4. I hope you fel better, we have been sick here at my house too. It is just horrible and it lingers just a bit too long.
    Have a great, healthy day.

  5. Sucky. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. oh ugh, hope you're feeling better! knitting is hard enough sometimes, and when your tools aren't cooperating, whoa (good thing it's knitting, and of course we'd never consider giving it up!!)...and thank you for the cute photo - love the pups, always!

  7. Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I just got back from Madrona. Trying to catch up on my blog reading but with all the hacking and coughing on the plane (others, not me) I fear I'm right behind you.

    Get better soon!

  8. Ugh, one thing after another for you. Poor thing. Lots of liquids and soup!
    Now on the needle subject, I have never seemed to have any luck with Kollage needles. I thought it was just me. I indeed gravitate towards my Knitpicks harmony and HiyaHiya needles.
    Good lucks in all your ventures. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. I bet if you knit more, you will feel better! Like you, I did not care for the acrylic interchangeables from knit picks. They felt rubbery to me, and they kept coming unscrewed from the base. Very frustrating!


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