Saturday, March 12, 2011

Felted Crochet Slippers

These slippers have been done since Monday but the weather here in Northeast Ohio has been its normal, irregular self. It was dreary and rainy most of the week, followed by a snow storm that dropped about 5 inches here on Friday morning. Strangely enough, it's sunny, windy and about 45 degrees. That's Ohio for you. I still find it strangely funny how warm 45 degrees can seem after a Midwestern winter. 

I just can't get over how stinking cute these slippers are and how easy they were to make. After felting on Sunday, they were fully dry by Monday morning. I stitched the strap and button on Monday night and, ta-da!, a fun pair of wool slippers. 

These buttons are hand made by one of my knitting friends, Jenn, the artist behind Landen Road Designs. She had my name for our Stitch 'n Bitch Anniversary Swap and gave me a lovely package full of yarn and a ton of her buttons. Don't you just love it when someone so talented is a part of your knitting group?  I hadn't had a chance to use any of my buttons yet, so when I started thinking what buttons might look good, I went through my (meager) button stash first. I think these are fun and unique, and give the slippers just the right amount of pizazz.

The yarn I used, Lion Brand Fisherman's wool, is the same yarn I used for my Brother's Sweater. I used just a bit over two skeins for that project so there was quite a bit leftover in that third skein. I definitely have enough to make a second pair of slippers. I weighed my slippers before felting and they used just about a third of a skein (approximately 150 yards). The yarn also felted up like a dream. I mentioned in my last post about that I was worried about too much stitch definition but I think you can tell that that didn't really turn out to be such a big problem. 

We're seeing my mother-in-law tomorrow (along with Adam's grandma and cousin, to celebrate all the March birthdays in the family) and I really hope she likes these!

Pattern: Felted Crochet Slippers by Bonny Smith
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in Nature's Brown
Hook: I (5.5mm)
Began: February 28
Completed: March 7


  1. Those did turn out lovely and those buttons are amazing!

  2. Andrea,
    I love these. Are they slippery on the bottom when you walk? Did you put anything on the bottom to prevent slipping? just checking for future reference.

  3. I didn't put anything on the bottom but I don't find them particularly slipper, which is why I didn't bother. I have wood floors in my house but my in-laws have mostly carpet (minus the kitchen) so I don't think it should be an issue.

  4. the slippers are fantastic and those buttons are just perfect!

  5. I know she will really love them!!! Those buttons make such a nice unique touch ~

  6. I think the buttons are perfect. These slippers look so cozy! I'm sure your mother-in-law will love them!

  7. Your mother-in-law is lucky! These slippers look so cozy and warm!

  8. I wear a size 8, just in case... Too cute!

  9. Those are adorable. Now if I could just stay home and knit, knit, knit all day......... :-) ...........
    I might get some of my projects completed.


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