Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Means Crochet!

Since March is National Crochet Month (designated by the Crochet Guild of America) I thought I'd make my first post in March crochet related. And it really is perfect timing. My mother-in-law's birthday falls in March and last year I let Adam be in charge of choosing a gift for her. Needless to say, he waited until the last minute then asked if I could make her something. So this year I thought we'd just avoid all the commotion and I just went ahead and said, "I'm making your mom slippers for her birthday."  I did have him help pick the yarn out of my stash so he could at least be somewhat participatory. 

The pattern I decided to use is the Felted Crochet Slippers. These seem to be a crochet version of the French Press Felted Slippers and while I almost chose that pattern, I figured I could probably work up the crochet version much faster. And I did. 

These took a total of about two and a half hours to crochet. I did the first slipper last Monday, crocheting a row at random moments throughout the day, and the second slipper and straps last night in a little over an hour. Not bad. One of my main concerns with the crocheted version of the slippers was how well they would felt. I saw a few versions on Ravelry where there was still a lot of stitch definition and they didn't look very felted. 

My other concern was the sizing. My mother-in-law wears a size 7 and the pattern comes in small (size 5/6), medium (size 7/8), and large (9/10). I went with the small because I know that the felting will ultimately stretch some. 

I tried these on, all damp and steamy, post-felting and they are just a smidge big on me (I wear a 6 1/2) so I think they'll be fine for her. 

I'm also pretty pleased with how well they felted! I used Fisherman's Wool (Adam wanted "something neutral" and liked the color) and felted the slippers for about 17 minutes, and the straps for 5 minutes more.

While you can still see through some of the stitches, it's pretty dense. Now just to find some buttons while I'm waiting for the slippers to dry. Then a wee bit of assembly and they'll be done. I can't wait!


  1. Those slippers are so cute! Makes me want to crochet again.

  2. Those are so awesome! From your photo, I can't tell the difference between knit or crochet felting and as you said crochet IS much faster. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I think these are fantastic. What a great color and a lucky MIL to have you. I actuall like to see a tiny bit of stitch definition in a felted project. Great job.
    Have a great day,

  4. This is an awesome gift ~ she will be thrilled! I've heard that crochet is faster than knitting ~ I wonder why.

  5. The slippers are really nice! I think having a few holes is good cause it will allow her feet to get some air.

  6. Oh my gosh, these are so great! They look like the perfect warm and cozy slippers for drinking tea on the couch.

  7. these are so great! your MIL is lucky.

  8. They're great! They look really comfy. 2 1/2hrs?! Wow, how long have you been crocheting? I started not long ago and I'm still pretty slow!

  9. Wow, your mother-in-law is lucky!
    And you've done 2 things I've never done: crocheting and felting!


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