Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dorflinger Tee

I had high hopes of getting some pictures of my new sweater/tee this weekend. Of course, as I should have figured out by now, the weather in Ohio never cooperates when you need it to. Saturday was rainy on and off, Sunday (picture day) was windy as all get out, I thought maybe yesterday but it was too cloudy by the time I got home and oh yeah, then it started raining. Today, same story. So I'll just give you what I was able to get on Sunday. I had Adam take the pictures (which I swear come out worse then when I just set the self-timer) and while trying to get the first one, I nearly blew away.

I ended up using over 3 skeins of Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky. Considering each skein is only 76 yards, I think that's pretty amazing. And yes, the yarn really is only $2.48 a skein. $2.48 a skein! I bought 5 skeins for this project and even though that was obviously more than I needed, it cost a total of about $15 (that's with shipping). What is better than an awesome finished piece for a mere $15? Nothing, I tell you. Well, maybe a few things, but it's pretty darn good.

This is for sure going to see consistent use. For starters, it fits like a glove. I knit the smallest size and while I knew the measurements would fit, I didn't exactly swatch thoroughly. I mean, I did make a swatch, but only did it in stockinette and kind of stretched it to fit. It was fine in the long run (although I wouldn't suggest swatching all willy nilly like that). This is also the perfect layering piece. Just warm enough to wear in the 45 degree weather we've been having lately (you heard right. It's spring, isn't it?).


I thought this picture would've been ok had he not cut off my head and the top of my shoulders. 


I already wore it to a family dinner this weekend where it received a great reception! Hooray! Now I'm trying to pick my next project while I finish working on my mom's socks (one down, one to go). I have a few things queued but am open to any exciting suggestions (as opposed to boring ones).

Pattern: Dorflinger Tee by Mandy Moore
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky in Garnet, 4 skeins
Needles: #11 (8mm)
Began: April 10
Completed: April 15


  1. I have no exciting suggestions (though these Skew socks are kind of rocking my world - I'm almost done with the first one!) but I did want to say that the sweater/tee is GORGEOUS! You did a great job!

  2. That is a great piece! You did a beautiful job. Thank you for introducing it. blessings ~ tanna

  3. Your Dorflinger Tee looks fantastic! I had totally underestimated this pattern the first time I saw it in the magazine, but I think you've inspired me to give it a shot. The Elann yarn seems like a great choice.

  4. This is a beautiful piece Andrea! It looks gorgeous on you!

  5. I absolutely love it! The color is great, and the shape is so flattering. If I had chunky yarn in my stash, I swear I would cast on today. But, this is Houston, so no chunky yarn. ;) I'm so thrilled for you and your perfect knit!

  6. It looks good on you! That's going to be such a good layering piece.

  7. Gorgeous!!!!!

    I'm working on socks at the moment.

  8. It turned out beautifully!! I've had this in my queue, and I even have the yarn for it, just haven't got around to knitting it yet. But yours is inspiring me to get cracking!

  9. WOW!!!! This is really beautiful. You did a fantastic job and the color is perfect.
    Have a great day,

  10. Beautiful! What a lovely pattern! I love the color too!

  11. Pretty sweater! I've been meaning to knit that myself. Good luck on your teaching exams!!!

  12. I really want to make this tee. Yours looks fabulous!

  13. Very nice sweater. Looks cool enough for summer wear and with this sprinter (spring/winter) weather, perfect for layering.

    I was looking at a crochet book the other day and no heads were allowed. Seriously, Adam could work for them!


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