Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Starting Over

I've finally managed to rewind the yarn I frogged from Audrey. So now comes the horrendous task of starting over. I'm sure you're well aware of how painful it is to knit almost an entire sweater (at least 70 percent!) only to find it doesn't fit. I ripped it out with the best intentions of completing a properly fitted sweater in the end but I've kind of lost the wind in my sails. After ripping it out I did the knitting equivalent of eating a pint of ice cream while watching a romantic comedy: I knit some instant gratification items. You know, like this and this. Oh yeah, and this, this, this and this.  Needless to say, October was a productive month.

It's probably time I just bite the bullet and get Audrey finished (again). But I have to knit those socks first.


  1. Well, go ahead and conquer it! LOL.

  2. Oh yeah.... I have a 70% done sweater behind my closet door awaiting frogging.

    i'm not ready yet.

  3. I think I am about to unravel a sweater I made a few years ago, it doesn't fit but I have been in denial all this time.

  4. I think the frogging of Audrey produced some lovely other knits. My favorites are your fox stole and rikke hat!


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