Monday, December 19, 2011

Throw Back

Last week I decided to make a gift using a technique I hadn't used since I was nine: cross stitch.  I found some really cute patterns at Subversive Cross Stitch and one in particular that I thought my friend Mary would love.

This took me a few nights to complete since I was trying to finish the Featherweight Cardigan first (it's done, by the way!).  I used a smaller gauge fabric than called for since I couldn't find something larger in white (they only had a dirty brown that was supposed to pass as off white) at the craft store I went to. I was very excited to give it to her today. Her dog, Devo is a good friend of Timber and Hazel's, and to all other dogs for that matter. This has been the only Christmas gift that I've made this year and it's kind of nice not having to worry about whether or not I'll finish my projects. For tomorrow's flight, I've packed the Audrey in Unst cardigan, sport weight Skyp socks, and two balls of gray sock yarn for my dad. He requested a pair of socks, pointing out that he's the only one in the family who I haven't knit for. When I asked my mom if he wanted them for Christmas she said, "oh, no. He just wants them." Since that's the case, I'm not going to push myself to finish them before I leave California. I'll probably cast them on during the plane ride though. We'll see if the mood strikes me.


  1. I absolutely love it! Devo and I hung it in the kitchen. Merry Christmas friend!

  2. That cross stitch made me laugh. I hope your friend likes it.

    I love Subversive Cross Stitch. I started a project last summer that was inspired by them and then I sort of forgot about it. I think I might need to pick it back up when I get back to school.

  3. what a great piece of cross-stitch! haven't picked up that craft in 20-some years.... safe travels and enjoy your holiday. sounds like you have great knitting plans to keep you busy!

  4. The cross stitch is awesome! I'd like to try it soon, and already have my eye on several fun patterns!

    Have a safe flight and a Merry Christmas!


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