Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day 1

I'm a member of The Blog Hub group and Ravelry and we recently had a swap! The idea was to give seven little gifties to our recipient so they have something to blog about each day for a week. Well my package has arrived! It's from NessaMcTastic (her Rav name. I doubt it's her real name) who blogs at Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts. Technically the package arrived Tuesday but I had a late school commitment (Math Game Night) so didn't get home until nine. I was really tired and feeling under the weather so I sent her a thank you and promised to blog the next day (yesterday). Well that under the weather turned into full blown sinus issues and I spent yesterday wrapped up sipping chicken soup and tea. So I'm here now, not really feeling better but wanting to make sure I get this post up. To make matters worse, I took all my pictures yesterday on my camera to which now of course I can't find the cord. sigh. Anything else? 

The package she sent me contained nine little silvery parcels! She included a note that said open from smallest to largest and since there are so many pieces, I figured I could open two on the first and second day.

Thank goodness for a camera on your cell phone. 

The two smallest gifts contained this little rubber ducky and three darling sheep buttons. Unfortunately two did not survive the trip so it's all been left up to this lone button.  I'm dying to open the rest of my gifts, I've never really been good at waiting. I have to admit, one had a tear in it and I have a good idea of what the fibery goodness will be. But I've refrained from ripping the rest open!


  1. Oh no! The sheep buttons broke. How sad. :(
    And yes, my real name isn't Nessa McTastic.

  2. This is such a wonderful idea -- I wish I had signed on. Everyone should have a rubber duckie!

  3. Cute sheep buttons...sorry two broke...bummer

  4. It sounds like a very fun swap! A whole week of goodies? Yep, I'm all about that. It's too bad you lost two buttons in transit, but that rubber ducky is darling!


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