Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finished Samples: Knitbot Essentials

I'm sure by now you think I've given up knitting completely. I've been knitting like a maniac the entire month of March and into this month, honest! The knits, however, are all unreleased samples so I can't share them with you quite yet. 

In the meantime, I can share with you some sample knits I completed right around the end of December/early January. If you're a fan or follower of Hannah Fettig over at Knitbot then I'm sure you've already seen her newest publications, Knitbot Essentials. This book is a joint effort between Hannah and the lovely people and yarns over at Quince and Co

First in my line up is the always essential Featherweight Cardigan. I knit this out of Tern (fingering weight, 75/25 wool/silk) in a colorway called Boothbay Blue. I know that a cardigan in fingering weight seems daunting, but this sweater worked up in about two weeks. I attribute my speed to the design. It's easy to get going on this and blaze a trail forward without looking back too much (if you get my knitting metaphor). As I write this I'm still asking myself why I haven't knit one of my own...

Here are the 70 Yard Mitts. These were knit in Lark (worsted weight, 100% wool) in the colorway Honey. A super fast knit if you're in need of a little gift of your hands are cold. Like, you could wake up in the morning and say, "My hands are cold" and then whip these up by mid-afternoon.

This is the Tricolor Cowl, also knit in Tern in the colors Oyster, Back Bay, and Buoy. I knit this up on my way home from California after Christmas. Perfect knitting for a long flight. 

Finally, I knit up the Day Beret out of Chickadee (sport weight, 100% wool) in Pomegranate. If you've been following my blog for an extended period of time, then you're probably aware that I tend not to knit hats for myself. It has more to do with me having a ton of thick hair and an above average-sized head. But this hat is awesome! Just enough slouch, not too much that it gets stretched out. It's definitely on my "Must Knit Again" list.

If you're a fan of Hannah's, this collection of patterns is definitely a must have. In addition to these four, there's also the Effortless Cardigan ( a fan favorite), Breezy Cardigan (one of my favorites), the Lightweight Pullover, Trail Jacket, and Wispy Cardi. You can view them all on Ravelry. And considering you're getting six sweater patterns in addition to the three accessories, the price is an awesome deal! 


  1. I saw your name in the book credits and wondered which ones you'd knit. thanks for sharing - and congrats on having your name - and your KNITTING!!! - published!!

  2. Lovely knits! I've been wanting to work with Quince and Co. yarn for a while - these patterns look like the perfect opportunity.

  3. Knitbot has the best taste in sample knitters. You do beautiful work.

  4. Congratulations in enriching this beautiful project with your talent! The book looks awesome and that is of course thanks to all the contributors!

  5. Congratulations Andrea! You are a really good knitter. The items that you've knit for the book are superior!

  6. Wow, incredible! I looked through the patterns included, and it looks like a lovely book. I'm so excited to see your sample knits included!


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