Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Update

Lest you think that I've vanished off the face of the Earth, go check out this or this and you'll get an idea of some of the knitting I've been up too. Hopefully I can share my pics with you soon! 

In other knitting news, I've started my own Featherweight Cardigan (I'd say it's about time) in a color called Bergamota (Malabrigo Lace). 

It's knitting up pretty quickly considering it's laceweight on size 4s. I've decided to add some length to the body and have about another inch to knit before starting the ribbing. I'm still on the first skein of the Malabrigo so I'm pretty sure I'll have more than enough to complete the rest as planned. 

I have some other WsIP going on as well as some yarn purchases arriving soon so there will be more to come this week.


  1. Welcome back :)
    From the links, it looks like you've been up to good knitting things - perhaps some sample knitting?
    Love the color for the Featherweight - it will be so soft and bright. Your Featherweight reminds me that I have one lingering on the needles somewhere, too. Maybe I should go find it before summer...

  2. Love the color of the Malabrigo, one of my favorite yarns. Good luck on the sweater.

  3. That is some gorgeous red yarn!

  4. oooh that yarn is gorgeous!
    glad you found some time to pop in and say, "hello!"


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