Saturday, May 26, 2012


All the pictures in the post were taken on Thursday, about halfway through finishing (post-seaming, pre-weaving bind off ends in/I-cord). You'll see how most photos in my house can quickly turn into a doggy photo shoot. 

One of the things I was dreading most about the Mitered Squares Blanket was the finishing. Not only is there the joining of four small mitered squares (using two colors per square) and then the log cabin sections of each large square, you are making at least 10 or more squares. Then you must join all the squares. If you use a three-needle bind-off that's three ends of yarn per join. Once all your squares are joined (in my case, 13) you'll want to weave in the joining ends, because hopefully you had the forethought to (mostly) knit in your ends as you were working. 

So you've joined and woven ends. Seems like you'd be done, right? Not quite. There's still the I-cord border. Now this is totally optional. However, without it, the blanket doesn't seem quite finished. I-cord is mostly slow going. For every three stitches you knit, you're only actually doing one off the blanket. 

I dread finishing in pretty much all cases. I'm a product knitter. I'm in it for the item. So to still be working on this almost a year later makes it hard for me to remain motivated. I spent all of Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday seaming this bad boy up. I even had a nightmare that Adam put my blanket away and somehow unseamed all my squares! I sewed in ends Thursday and cast on for the I-cord but didn't get a whole lot of progress going on that part. Today, I've spent several hours working on the I-cord and am this close to being finished. I have about three sides of squares left to finish. But, it's getting late (it's actually Saturday already) and my knitting group is headed to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival tomorrow. I had wanted to finish this blanket before I bought more yarn there since I bought all the grey yarn for this blanket there last year, but I'm so close I'm sure I'll be able to finish this sometime over the long weekend. 

Just in time for 90 degree weather.


  1. It really looks awesome! You can finish the i-cord in no time.

  2. that's a LOT of work, but it really is gorgeous! it seems to get the pups' seal of approval too. :)

  3. Why are pets so eager to be photoed and family have to be drug into them time after time??

    I love the blanket and can't wait to see baby all snuggled into it!

    90 degrees at your house, 3 inches of snow at mine - let's meed in the middle!

  4. Andrea, I know it is hard work but the blanket is looking fantastic. The colors blend so beautifully, you have done an amazing job. I think treating yourself to some more yarn, after getting this much done is just what you need. Have a wonderful time, I dream of going to a festival. Happy weekend,

  5. That really does look awesome. Have fun at the festival!

  6. What a clever blanket! It looks quilted in fabric rather than knitted. You did an amazing job.

  7. It's gorgeous - worth all the work! (easy for me to say)

  8. Excellent blanket!!! Look like you might have to wrestle it away from the pooch though. :)

  9. oh it's looking so beautiful!

    and you are lucky to have such helpful photo assistants :)


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